Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tribute to a fair modern heroine, my primita Leora

It has been a while since last time I posted something on this blog…

I want to dedicate this post to my special cousin (primita in Spanish), Leora.

My primita Leora is a beautiful fair blond energetic sportive and idealistic woman. She has been for years a reporter in the Los Angeles Times and she is a temperamental, dedicated and authentic person that hates hypocrisy and injustice.

About one an a half year ago she experienced a “blow out disk” and was subjected to her first disc surgery; two weeks ago she had a second intervention, in the course of which an artificial disk was implanted…

Life can be compared to a large expedition during which a lot of unexpected events occur to us, when we imagine we are enjoying a placid period, a new event surprises us, sometimes we are the subjects of this event, and many other times, our closest family members and relatives are the ones experiencing it. As western individuals who have been used to CONTROL, it is extremely extremely difficult to put up with unexpected events that take control over us (specially and mainly with events that affect our health and with medical interventions which result could have been “luckier”).

[One hundred years ago, women my age were old ladies without many teeth left on their mouth (provided they did not perished during birth giving or killed and raped on a war assault), but still, all this thoughts cannot help much when we, our bodies and souls, are subject to maladies and are victims of deliberate evil caused by other human beings].

Today many westerns turn to non occidental trends of thought and “religions” focused on meditation and relaxation techniques. I must confess that, from my part, I do meditate and find relief and solace on these techniques but have not been able yet to completely assimilate the idea that my life is NOT and CANNOT be controlled my own deeds (or thoughts for this matter…i.e, I implement the teachings of these schools of thought as a TOOL in order to go on with a more “bearable” western style of life...)

These thoughts have been triggered by Leora’s last email sent to her friends and families, telling us that, in spite of the fact that she is suffering from pain and great discomfort during the last two weeks (being unable of getting out of bed for more that ten minutes of even take a shower), in spite of this difficult situation, she thanks and blesses her “angel sister”, Rozzie and her friends for the support given to her, quote: “Love to all of you, and gratitude. You make me happy. And I can safely say I'm happier than I've ever been”.

And from this blog, from this Internet arena, I applaud you, dear primita, for your courage, I hope from the very bottom of my heart that you will recover from this second operation and shall keep sending you my best [non western] energies for a successful recovery (remember we are all travelers on this expedition called “life”).

LOVE, d.